Korea Blockchain Week 2022: Give a broader view of blockchain

The COVID-19 pandemic swiftly accelerated the adoption of blockchain while we relied more than ever on technology to live our lives. That was the reason why just in the past two years alone, many countries have rapidly carried out more daily activities virtually both on the job and in private. Consecutive blockchain events in 2022, in all regions of the world, demonstrated fervent interest and thirst for the technology.

Asia’s largest Blockchain event held in Korea

Since being held for the first time in 2018, Korea Blockchain Week has constantly shown its attraction and influence in bringing many communication values and exchange opportunities to blockchain communities in Asia and in the world. This year, the event was held successfully in Seoul, South Korea from August 7 to August 14 2022, gathering more than 120 of the industry’s best players and pioneers as well as more than 8,000 “Blockchain lovers” around the world… More interestingly, there were nearly a hundred side events during the week where everyone could freely greet, meet and connect with each other.

Korea Blockchain Week 2022: Sold Out

Opportunity to exchange great values ​​about Blockchain

We had an opportunity to learn from inspirational keynotes from business leaders from Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn, NFTBank, Immutable X, NEAR Protocol, Mythical Games, etc. The speakers all brought useful perspectives, knowledge, and market updates on more than 50 different topics. After many successful experiments with blockchain technology, metaverse and NFTs, etc. we found out that consumers and executives were more excited about what is next.

Korea Blockchain Week 2022: Speaker Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum/Chief scientist)

On the other hand, the side events organized many valuable panel discussions and workshops, pitch competitions, investor meet-ups. Those gave world-class networking opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts. Builders came here with a lot of breakthrough ideas of Web3.0 applications in order to solve different problems in people’s lives. Most of them showed high potential with a long-term vision to go big in the near future.

Korea Blockchain Week 2022: s6k Labs Team at KBW2022

Blockchain is widely spreading in Korea

Blockchain technology has gained a lot of traction in Korea since 2019 with mass adoption in a variety of industries such as finance, logistics, IP rights, trade and health. For example, Shinhan Bank, the largest and oldest bank in South Korea, successfully implemented the blockchain technology in one of its loan products, “Shinhan Doctors”. In addition, the Korean Government also supports relevant ministries and agencies to research and deploy this technology in a number of specific activities such as beef traceability or real-time document checking at the Port of Busan of Korea, etc.

Outstanding in all respects, Korea is one of gaming leading markets because publishers were always at the forefront of technology adoption trends. According to quick surveys at the event, more than 50% of Korean game development companies have been gradually applying blockchain technology in their products. When we walked on the streets of Seoul, indeed, we easily saw lots of out-of-home billboards that promote blockchain-based products and services about GameFi, Metaverse from big giants like Klaytn, or Solana, etc. Hence, the adoption rate of blockchain in Korea is expected to increase further in the years to come.

Blockchain giants and investors set their eyes on Vietnam

At this event, also a number of industry experts and representatives of investment funds highlighted Vietnam as one of the fastest growing markets with huge potential to tap into. In fact, the discussion panels of Vietnamese representatives such as Coin98, Ancient8 and Sipher were always full of audiences. We believe with a growing number of young and tech savvy talents, Vietnam is able to win over the competition with other countries in the field of blockchain. 

In Vietnam, already we see companies are expanding their organizational structures and activities to include new related-blockchain roles. For instance, FPT is a pioneer in blockchain and metaverse in our country. The Group builds high-tech products like metaverse embedding core technologies including AI, blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, and additionally opens Blockchain Lab to research related technologies. HSBC Vietnam and Vietcombank also successfully co-implement a domestic letter of credit (L/C) transaction on the blockchain platform. The success of these use cases is partly attributed to Vietnam businesses’ constantly innovative and developing efforts. It also implies that organizations and businesses in Vietnam are fully capable of accessing and adopting modern technologies into commercial activities to bring greater convenience to customers.

On April 27 2022, the Vietnam Blockchain Association was officially established and put into operation, becoming the first official legal entity to gather enthusiasts to research and apply Blockchain technology throughout Vietnam. This action marked a positive recognition of the State towards blockchain’s mass adoption and development.

Korea Blockchain Week 2022 was a boost for the development and application of blockchain technology in Asia generally. Witnessing what the neighbor has achieved, we believe and strive to bring this technology closer to everyone in Vietnam.

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