About Us

In the early days of its establishment, s6k Labs was just a team with members with a great passion for software engineering. Now, we have grown up and become a professional and enthusiastic team with members with more than 10 years of experience in the development field. We shape ourselves as a company dedicated to providing high-quality software solutions at extremely cost-effective prices and the best possible results. With the motto of taking satisfaction and work value as the orientation, we are confident that s6k Labs can bring the best value to anyone who needs support.

Our vision

We believe that Global digital transformation will accelerate dramatically in the next decade. And in that context, s6k Labs will play a key role.

Our mission

We exist to become a pioneering blockchain solution provider in the international market and leading digital transformation solutions in Vietnam through a dedicated, enthusiastic, talented and professional team.

Our values

We believe that success happens with a consistent focus on Result-orientation, Sustainable partnership, and High-technology application. With this, we create services of optimal quality, bringing satisfaction to customers at the highest level of value and experience.